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Alaska ATS

The Alaska Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) Program is a proprietary program developed in-house by O'Gorman Services in order to provide our program's users with the most efficient and secure ATS available on the market today. We made it scalable and packed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) so that program grows with its users. While Alaska was developed specifically with Defense Contractors in mind, the program can be used to find any type of specialized talent.

The Alaska ATS program is designed to perform at its best when searching to fill the thousands of positions available with our Nation's Defense Contractors. For the right price, the power of our program can be brought to bear in order to fill one or a few positions. Whether it be Rocket Scientists, College and University Professors with specific concentrations, or Doctors and Nurses with a special type of experience, we can find the people that you need. If your required combination of skillsets exist, the Alaska ATS will find the person that meets your specific set of requirements in the combinations required.

There are two major areas of the Alaska ATS program:

  • The paid "Subscription" aspects of the Alaska ATS software have been licensed to The Algorithm Initiative Corporation (The AI Corp) for use by organizations that wish to use their own organic resources to find their own Assets.
  • The "Service Contract" aspects of the Alaska ATS software have been licensed to The CerebroNet Corporation (Cerebronet) for organizations that wish to witness the power of this fully functional and operational ATS program.

Subscription Level Functionality

The first level of functionality is for our program's users that want to subscribe to the Alaska ATS program through The AI Corp without a Service Contract with CerebroNet. Some of the capabilities at this level include:

  • Creating a calendar for each user in which HR staff members can coordinate appointment times with the Asset(s)
  • A custom-made Asset Hiring Checklist specific to your organization and attached to each individual asset
  • Asset Records that provide for annotations
  • Instant Messaging between HR Directors and Staff which are permanently tied to the Asset's record
  • Creation of a user database that is both physically and virtually secured, stored and backed up in three geographically disparate CONUS locations
  • Self-service method using Alaska ATS

Service Contract Level Funtionality

The second level of our program's functionality is for our program's users that maintain Service Contracts with CerebroNet. The functionality at this level includes:

  • All functions listed at the "Subscription" level of functionality.
  • CerebroNet staff assist User Organizations with finding candidates by delving into the database that CerebroNet maintains.
  • Instant Messaging with CerebroNet Staff.
  • Regular reporting of performance metrics to keep program users apprised of CerebroNet's progess in near-real time.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in general

Most ATS programs are not created by programmers or DevOps teams. They are created or purchased by Human Resources personnel to meet specific needs identified at the time using outdated spreadsheet programs. They are not designed to be scalable and do not allow for additional functions, such as AI, as they become needed. Redesign is often cost prohibitive and ends up reducing project efficiency due to the lack of new functions required for a task. This is why most ATS programs become antiquated at the point when business organizations become profitable. We use DevOps and lifecycle processes to help guide the Alaska ATS into the future.

Our Alaska ATS is:

  • Scalable: It fits the size of your enterprise
  • Modular: Future additional functionality can be added and deployed without shutting down the entire system
  • Multi-lingual: It recognizes most major file types, computer languages, platforms, and can be customized to recognize new file types
  • Secure: Alaska ATS maintains a compartmentalized, secure database off-site with third party virtual and physical security maintained by AWS on their compound.

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