About Us

O'Gorman Services is located in the Pacific Northwest near the Washington State Capitol. The company is family owned and operated. Our mission is to change the world--one person at a time. We have created our flagship software: the Alaska ATS software to target highly specialized individuals in order to help our users provide the best services and products they can possibly create. Recognizing stellar individuals and then assisting with placing them into positions in which they can affect the real world is the first step. We feel that identifying these Tier One Individuals for employment with the User is paramount to improving our society as a whole.

Programming & Recruiting

The impetus to create the flagship Alaska ATS software was provided by our Nation's Defense Industry and its need for highly qualified personnel. These individuals have skills that could potentially be used by nefarious groups. Creating a secure database for individuals with these skillsets provides the single greatest improvement to safety for them and their families while maintaining the marketablility of those skills. Most recruitment organizations are reliant on outside data providers to find qualified candidates. These competing providers lack most if not all of the qualities that make Alaska ATS the best choice for organizations hiring individuals in specialized areas that are critical to our National Defense.

Team Efficiency

Finally, we here at O'Gorman Services believe that while technology enhances labor, LABOR IS KEY. Our trained staff will be able to focus on the requirements of our program's users. This is because we do our best to take care of our employees. Less worries = higher productivity. Our employees are the best and we pay them accordingly. At the same time, O'Gorman Services is well aware of the necessity and increased productivity of a well maintained Life/Work balance. This balance is highly encouraged.

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