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O’Gorman Services is a computer software development firm whose focus is on creating custom made business software for our customers. Our products are available for self-service subscription use by business owners through The Algorithm Initiative Corporation (AI) and services using our products can be contracted through The CerebroNet Corporation (CerebroNet).

Alaska ATS Methodology

- GATHER information

- IDENTIFY hidden candidates

- FORM usable data reports

- TEST data for consistency

- SECURITY of data

Alaska ATS GIFTS method

Protecting cyber information, data and people through security

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High Speed Data Mining of public sources has negated the need for our clients to wait for qualified assets to present themselves. Subscription capabilities allow our clients to target their resources to organically gather their own Assets while contract services provide verified, qualified candidates for possible onboarding. Contract Services include Real-Time diffusion of information to our virtual organization along with quantifiable performance metrics to allow our clients to verify that CerebroNet is following Client intent and directives.

As an option, CerebroNet can make contact and coordinate with individual Assets on our Clients’ behalf in order to assign appointment times with organic HR staff Our intent is to streamline our Client hiring processes in order to help manage the multiple vacancy/multiple asset quagmire that most large organizations experience.

There are two ways that the Alaska ATS can help:

Each of the above options has its own advantages. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs.

At issue is the slow process that produces qualified people to employ. Our software cannot shorten the time required to produce a trained and experienced individual. It can, however, shorten the time it takes to find these people in a market that sees divisions within the same corporation and contracts within the same division slogging through the ever dwindling pool of qualified individuals in order to fulfill their contracts.

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